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Academically he was an MA in Political Science & LLB. He practiced as a Lawyer for more than two decades in the Supreme Court of India and in the various High Courts of India.




·       He was a product of Mission School System was thoroughly fluent with the English Language, and being an Indian by birth, he was fluent enough with the National Language Hindi. 

·       He otherwise understood, though not as fluently enough, Russian, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Chhattisgarhi, Marathi & Gujarati Languages. 




·       Member, Supreme Court of India.

·       Member, Asia Pacific Lawyers Association, Seoul, Korea.

·       Member, Asia Pacific Council, London Court of International Arbitration, London.

·       Member, Delhi High Court.




·       In 1971-72 Got supplied by necessary Orders from Court, Electricity to the entire people living in the then unauthorized locality called ‘Camp-2 in Bhilai (MP) to whom not even the then Union Minister Mr. CL Chandrakar nor the then Member of Legislative Assembly of MP Mr. Motilal Vohra who later became the Governor of UP could get.

·       Assisted the Supreme Court of India in laying down the law in WP No. 163/88 that nothing comes in the way of the Court to issue Writ of Mandamus to the Central Government to consider if the time for bringing Section 30 of the Advocates Act into force has arrived or not.

·       Also assisted the Supreme Court of India in issuing directions to the Union of India to frame Guide-Lines or Rules regarding use of ‘Handcuffs’ in addition to law laid down earlier.

·       Assisted the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India in "Justice V. Ramaswamy’s" case on the point of Article 218 in favour of Justice V. Ramaswamy. The Point dealt with in the Judgment per Justice K. Ramaswamy.

·       Assisted the Supreme Court of India in Staying the execution of the Death sentence, which was to be executed on ‘Satwant Singh’ in ‘Prime Minister Indra Gandhi murder case’, after the Convict’s Appeal to the Supreme Court was already dismissed by the Court and Mercy Petition already turned down by the President of India.

·       Assisted the Supreme Court of India whereby for the first time in the legal history, a Mandamus was issued to enable a ‘Prisoner Sadar Atinder Pal Singh, an Accused in the Prime Minister Indra Gandhi Murder case, who was got elected as a Member of Parliament from Patiala (Punjab) while he was in custody in Tihar Central Jail’ to be taken from the Tihar Jail to the Parliament for being sworn in as a Member of Parliament even when no Bail was obtained by the said prisoner.

·       Got the said prisoner Sardar Atinder Pal Singh discharges of the said sensational murder case unconditionally and without any trial.

·       Got the Senior Superintendent of Police (Government Railway Police, Haryana) Mr. Ahlawat, IPS, sentenced to 1½ year’s imprisonment from the Supreme Court of India, and thereafter sent to Tihar Central Jail, New Delhi directly from the Supreme Court of India.

·       Got closed the biggest illegal Petroleum Products market of Asia in ‘Shivaji Park, New Delhi’ by obtaining necessary orders from the Supreme Court of India.

·       Got the Promoter of an illegal Finance raising firm arrested and put behind the bars in Tihar Jail etc.

·       Got issued necessary Orders and directions from the Delhi High Court to JVG and about 500 such firms throughout the Country as also to about 720 Plantation Companies operating throughout the Country to immediately stop their fraudulent activities of raising funds from the public in the garb of their dubious schemes.

·       Got issued from the Delhi High Court necessary directions to the Government of India and to the various Cellular Phone Companies to arrange for the payment of about Rs. 2000 Crores which the Cellular Phone Industry was liable to pay towards Licence Fee to the Government.

·       Got issued necessary Ban orders from the Supreme Court of India as also from the Bombay High Court and thereafter from the Film Censure Board on the exhibition of a filthy dual meaning Movie named ‘Andheri Raat may Dia Tere hath me”.

·       Got issued necessary directions from the Calcutta High Court to ‘Burdwan District Police’ to protect the interests of a woman and necessary action against the man who harassed her. 

·       Got necessary Orders from the High Court of MP at Jabalpore (MP) in matter relating to Public Premises. 

·       Got necessary orders from the Industrial Tribunal at Indore (MP) in matters relating to Industrial Disputes between certain Workers and Heavy Industry.

·       Got necessary orders from the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench in matter relating to disputes between Mortgager and the mortgagee.

·       Got necessary orders in Civil & Criminal matters from the Bombay High Court, Aurangabad Bench. 

·       Got necessary Bail Orders from the Patna High Court in matters relating to Murder accused and several other matters.

·       Got necessary Bail orders from the Allahabad High Court at Allahabad in matters relating to Murder accused & several other matters.

·       Got permission in a Writ Petition from the Seven Judges Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India to approach to and dealt with Babri Masjid Matter in the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court.

·       Got necessary Orders from the High Court at Chandigarh for the reinstatement of Personnel with the Punjab Roadways etc.

·       Got certain orders issued from the Karnataka High Court, Bangalore


The New Delhi based Indian Law Firm with several highly experienced Advocates & Legal Experts of high Caliber throughout the Country and from around the Globe, is owned by 3 partners who stand committed to deliver the most competent legal solutions to serve their client’s needs & expectations worldwide.


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